2012 is the year of the dragon – an auspicious year for new beginnings

With that in mind, experienced criminal defence lawyers, Richard Fowler and Lyndsay Smith, are pleased to announce the opening of their new firm, Fowler and Smith, Barristers.

Having worked together on a number of cases over the years Mr. Fowler and Ms. Smith share a strong sense of professional integrity, a passion for the law and a deep commitment to their clients. They have represented a diverse range of people facing criminal prosecution – from people charged with serious crimes and those involved in high profile cases to people facing minor offences. No matter the nature of the charge, they treat each case with the same attention to detail and focus on results because they know that the consequences are equally serious to the people involved.

Fowler and Smith, Barristers offers client-centered legal services with professionalism, excellence, dignity and kindness in the criminal law field. If you are facing criminal charges or you are a lawyer from a law firm with a client who needs a criminal defence lawyer we welcome you to our site and encourage you to contact us.